The Role of an Occupational Health Service


Occupational health is a comprehensive field of medical care that is designed to protect and promote the safety of workers in the workplace. The field includes a variety of disciplines, including employee wellness, pre-placement testing, ergonomics and more.

Ideally, an occupational health service should establish and act in accordance with a programme of activities adapted to the needs of the enterprise where it operates. It should consider, for example, the type of production and the specific problems in the branch of economic activity concerned. In addition, it should take into account the individual needs of workers, especially those with a particular physical condition or mental state or those prone to ill health and injury.

The Meridian HealthCare center provides health examinations, which determine the suitability of a worker for his/her work, recommend protective measures and make suggestions to re-allocate the work or to undertake special rehabilitation if necessary. It should also examine the work environment and, if possible, carry out a risk analysis.

The role of the occupational health service is to ensure that workers receive adequate protection against hazards and are able to work safely, as well as to offer expert advice to employers and management on issues such as planning and organization of work and the design of workplaces. In addition, the occupational health service should advise on industrial hygiene, ergonomics, collective and individual protective equipment.

An occupational health service should be staffed by qualified health personnel who possess expertise in the fields of medicine, social and environmental sciences and, where relevant, engineering and chemistry. Often, this involves the use of multidisciplinary teams that combine the skills of physicians with those of occupational health nurses, psychologists, and others.

They may be required to attend training courses and seminars to keep abreast of the latest developments in their field. They also need to be familiar with legislation and policies on the prevention of disease in the workplace and the management of accidents at work.

Depending on the country, these professionals may be trained as physicians, physiologists, psychologists, occupational and social scientists or other specialists. They are usually employed by government agencies or private employers, but they can be self-employed as well.

In the United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was created to regulate occupational safety and health practices, as well as oversee the development of safe and healthy working conditions. Having a comprehensive and effective occupational health program in place is essential to reducing healthcare costs, improving productivity and ensuring the safety of employees at all times.

The Occupational Health Services Clinic Network provides a broad range of services for employers and their employees. These services can help to expedite work-related injury claims, protect employers from legal liability, and encourage a positive work environment through wellness programs.

These services include a wide array of medical and ancillary services such as first aid, drug screening, health evaluations, behavioral health assessments, fitness-for-duty testing, mental health assessment, physical therapy, wellness programs, and more. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic:

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